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Sand Blasting and Spray Paint

Y&P provides sandblasting and painting services to commercial and industrial entities, besides catering for domestic requirements at very competitive prices. Specialised equipment is used to unload, prepare and prime each item to ensure that every job is inished to the required standard, on time and within budget.

Typical Jobs:

  • Maintenance of crane elements
  • Complete crane overhauls
  • Marine equipment, such as small steel marine vessels, sea trenching equipment etc.
  • Antifouling application on small steel marine vessels
  • Domestic / commercial / industrial items
  • sand blasting & spray paint
  • Tower Crane Overhaul
  • sand blasting & spray paint
  • Sand Blasting and Spray Painting of Fishing Vessel
  • sand blasting & spray paint
  • Sand Blasting and Spray painting of Tipper Box
  • sand blasting & spray paint
  • Applying spray coat