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Crane Testing

Whether you own or operate cranes, lifting or hoisting equipment, you need to ensure that they are safe and comply with statutory requirements and that is where our expert crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection team can help, by certifying all types of:

  • Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Truck-Mounted Cranes and Overhead Cranes
  • Forklifters, Telehandlers and Elevating Platforms
  • Shackles, Chain and other Lifting Accessories
  • Marine Cranes

Our inspection services also cover:

  • Checking of Brakes, Clutches, Sheaves and Wire Rope Assemblies
  • Dynamic and Static Load Testing
  • Checking of all Structural Load Bearing Members
  • Checking of Crane Girders, Rails', Overhead Cranes' Columns' Structural Integrity
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of Load Hooks for Cracks and Visual Inspections for Distortions
  • Operational Testing to ensure that Units are Functioning Properly
  • Periodic Inspections and Inspection prior to use of Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Safety Systems, Wire Ropes and Chains
  • Examination of all Safety Devices
  • Repairs Supervision

In this connection Y&P can provide load scales and test weights for hire, ranging from a mere 100 kgs to test platforms weighing up to 300 tons.

Y&P is now also equipped to carry out ground point load testing up to 60T