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Tower Crane Parts

Our store is always fully stocked, with cranes' & hoists' parts, such as:

  • Electrical parts contactors, MCB, time delays, load limiters, limit switches, etc.
  • Mechanical parts - bearings, gears, pulleys, seals etc.
  • Wire ropes
  • Electrical motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Lifting tackle - slings and chains

Y&P is the local representative for a leading German company manufacturing all types of lifting accessories, including: marine slings, shackles, cargo lashings, lubricants, wire rope terminals etc.

  • New custom made steel fabrications
  • The manufacture of certified tower crane foundation anchors
  • The manufacture of certified tower cranes' and hoists' custom made wall ties and collars
  • The manufacture of certified custom made spreader beams
  • Rust cutting
  • Any other repairs / requirements
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  • Bearings
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  • Electric Motor
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  • Wire Rope
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  • Pulleys
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  • Gears
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  • Contactors